Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well…There they go again. The conservative elite snobs are again piling on. This group, led by the National Review crowd, prefers a Harvard, or Yale or Stanford trained judge over a Texas trained, successful lawyer. Come to think of it, I don’t think the NR has said a good thing about the President or the Administration for 4 or 5 years. I am so disappointed in the NR that I am not renewing my 30 year relationship with the magazine. I have not softened my conservative stance but I am very cognizant of the wing of the Republican party who would rather vote for Perot than victory. Frankly, I am fed up with the “Let me cut off my nose to spite my face” crowd. I’m also getting quite tired of the conservative pundits who say “I support the President, I just do not support his policies and appointments” Sheesh this is as bad as “I support the troops but not the war”. One of the biggest problems with the federal judiciary is that they are in fact what Justice Souter wishes for: Judges, lawyers and law school professors working within their group to define where the law should go.

Conservative Character is more important than a history of conservative judicial opinions. Actually, I would rather have non lawyers on the Supreme Court. The President has consistently nominated conservatives for the federal bench and the appellate courts. This is where much of the heavy lifting occurs as far as the day to day activities. Similar to the scenario where the General makes the decision but it is the Lieutenant and Sergeant who implement those decisions and most times the implementation is even more important than the decision itself.

And, Miers has the experience of being in the White House for the past 5 years. She knows how important the Patriot Act is . She knows how important it is to keep military and state secrets secret. Not like Senator Leaky. I cannot imagine her voting in favor of a lower court decision to release all information about Abu Graib or GitMo or Valerie Plame. I don’t know Harriet Miers very well but I am quite tired of the NR and Beltway conservative elites trashing the President on the GWOT, Immigration, Hurricane Response, Federal Spending, Appointments, the economy and just about everything else that the President does or is involved in. As a knee jerk reactionary, I have to support the nomination just because Rich Lowry and Bill Kristol and Bill Bennett oppose it.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Life vs. Anti-Life

I spent Saturday at a symposium on Stem Cell Research sponsored by the Premedica Club of Colorado State University. What a fascinating topic from a science viewpoint as well as the ethical and political. Stem cell research has been ongoing for more than 45 years and has practical application such as bone marrow transplants that have themselves been undertaken for many years. The state of the science however, is such that the art of application is fraught with pitfalls as well as promise. The ethics of this research encompasses the extremes from those who oppose destroying embryos to those who are in favor of destroying adult life for the promise of future cures. There appears to be little debate regarding the use of adult stem cells for research but this source tends to limit the potential application. From a practical view, moreover, using one’s own stem cells for treatment eliminates most all obstacles regarding ones’ own body. The argument regarding using embryonic stem cells is very convincing that by using these stem cells we can find more cures for more people. This requires the destruction of embryos and thus the debate.
There is no restriction on the use of embryonic stem cells for research. The Bush administration has limited the federal funding for embryonic stem cell research to already compromised stem cell embryonic lines, but private funds and non-federal funds can and are used for embryonic stem cell research. The federal government sits as the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to research dollars and as the moral, ethical and practical priorities change within the different agencies and institutes so does the direction of research dollars.
For more than 40 years the legislative and judicial decisions and priorities at the federal level have been predominately anti-life. From abortion on demand to right to die legislation and judicial fiat the anti-life crowd has been quite successful. The landscape is changing as the pendulum swings toward the right to life position. This will provide more support not only for adult stem cell research but also for embryonic stem cell research. Even advances in tort reform will benefit the application of research and the practical medicinal uses for quality and quantity of life issues. The debate will shift from “Who has the right to starve ‘Terry’ to death. to What is the best prescription for Terry’s quality of life?” These questions will ultimately be decided with in the political process as researchers labor in laboratories across the world to find potential cures. The pro life forces will prevail for the intermediate future, if the current trend continues. The research applications will become cost effective and profitable and the demand for more research, with the private sector funding it, will grow.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gee Mom, Billy says its cool.

Good Golly, Miss Molly. I’m reminded of the admonition that we have all received or even used. “Gee, mom {or dad}, all the kids are doing it and my best friend Billy {or Sally} says it is really cool. Well son or{daughter} if Billy jumped off a bridge would you follow him? “ Civilizations rise and fall, Man’s ideas, capabilities, wherewithall and compassions evolve. We as individuals, do what we think is right {and in our best interests}and that in and of itself evolves over time and is biased by experience. Then we band together in community and ever enlargening groups until we have the two party system we have today in the U.S. The party’s are not perfect manifestations of any one philosophy or theology but reflect the good intentions of the participants—at least the political objectives of the participants. The pendulum of ideas swings ponderously from side to side within a prescribed arc eventually enfranchising all but the most fringe elements. To assert that the U.S. is more socialist today and that the government performs many “non-governmental” functions is true and reflects the economic success of the population. Economic success allows for more recreation which begets a desire for even more recreation which results in more productivity etc, etc. Many recreational pursuits are in the area of mind expansion, enlightenment, seeking of knowledge…… Witness the explosion in the blogosphere. The Pendulum has swung to the zenith of the left and is now swinging back to the right as it were. It has not even reached the bottom of the arc yet and has a long way to travel to the “right” It may take 50-75 years to travel to the zenith of the right and that zenith may be more left or more right of the last time it traveled into this region. The ideas and philosophies, technologies and efficiencies, of the population will be far different than those of us today. I suspect that we will still be quoting the founding fathers, going to church, exchanging ideas of freedom and liberty. The U.S. will still be involved in anti-terrorism, nation building, liberating oppressed peoples, and contesting Europe, whatever that may be. Human nature will continue to dominate the hearts of men and women and the ranks of the “haves” will continue to grow as the world understands that we are in fact not a spaceship economy. And speaking of spaceships, we will have a greater presence in space with all those possibilities.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ted Turner's Legacy Lives in Eason Jordan

Ted Turner, founder of CNN, is a creative genius. CNN was “First to Market” and spawned a new genre of information collection and distribution. It was the news of choice for even the Military for many years. When I walk into the break room today at my place of employment CNN is on the flat panel hanging on the wall. Even as late as last week: [ “While Fox may be the largest news network [and has overtaken Turner's CNN], it's not the best, Turner said. He followed up by pointing out that Adolph Hitler got the most votes when he was elected to run Germany prior to WWII. He said the network is the propaganda tool for the Bush Administration. "There's nothing wrong with that. It's certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy. Particularly when the news is dumbed down," leaving voters without critical information on politics and world events and overloaded with fluff," he said.” {By Jim Finkle -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/25/2005 2:14:00 PM} ]

Ted’s Anti-American, pro socialism, legacy lives on in his CNN even though he is no longer the push behind the format and content. At one point, CNN was in fact a news organization but starting with Peter Arnett in Baghdad in 1990 and 1991 all pretenses of collecting and gathering news was abandoned. CNN literally became a mouthpiece for the leftist governments around the world and a cheerleader for the Clinton Administration. They were given special access to tyrannical regimes and became the propaganda medium for the likes of Saddam Hussein. The further left CNN went the more audience share it lost, similar to the BBC. CNN then put token conservatives and their views on the air but this failed to stop their slide into mediocrity and obscurity. Instead of returning to its successful roots CNN has turned shill for the seamiest side of life and has targeted the National Inquirer type of audience. Ted’s rant about dumbing down the news is exactly what his CNN has/is doing and these actions continue to drive away audience share.

Excerpted from Hugh Hewitt’s Web page “Eason Jordan asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted. He repeated the assertion a few times,”

Trade Eason Jordan’s words for Ted Turner’s and it is very hard to distinguish between them. Both of them care little for the facts or the truth. They are unaccountable in the eyes of the public and the media. They have reached this status by participating in the economic and political structures of the United States. They have realized the American dream but feel guilty about how successful they are. They assuage this guilt by blaming the Country and structures that have allowed them to become economically and informationally powerful. They have, as part of this guilt mitigation, abused the trust and confidence of the gifts and opportunities provided them. There is a close correlation between CNN and the Endangered Species Act. The genesis of both were in good ideas and good works, but like old men in black robes who have lost their relevancy they continue to cry out for attention; expanding the envelope of ridiculousness until all that is left is a rubble of preposterousness. Ted and Eason are begging to be “held accountable” because this gives them airtime. Each future utterance will become more egregious as they slowly …slip….beneath….the surface….of relevance, consciousness and recognition.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Birds of a Feather: Terrorists and Leftists

The question that is not often asked when talking about the reasons for terrorist actions is more base than meets the post. We have to ask “Why are we here?” followed with “What is our Purpose?” These questions crack the nut of Red state vs. Blue state. Katzman at Winds of Change is clueless when he asserts the “Right” is really worshipping itself and/or the members of the “Right” are narcissistic. I reject, in toto, the argument that the conservatives of my generation must have the new paradigm to solve all the world problems. 3rd Shift on Belmont is spot on when he says, “Hey dude we are just being normal.” in our reactions and actions toward the calling of higher thoughts and nobler deeds. Blue state policy wonks, Ivy Towered academics, non God-fearing religionists may in fact believe that they can have all the answers and can resolve the world’s problems. But they can’t. As Red State America mobilizes to help and assist Tsunami survivors they recognize that God works in many ways and that they cannot control the actions of the earth or the Supreme Being. In all fairness, the Blue Stators contribute too, but with the attitude that next time they will be able to control the Tsunami and if not, at least the effects. And that brings us full circle to the thinking of the Islamo-terrorists. The homicide bombers actually believe that they can go to paradise by killing themselves and anyone else, even those that believe as they do. Is this self-loving or self-loathing? There is plenty of evidence to suggest both, just as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the bluest of the Blue Stators are both narcissistic and self- loathing at the same time. They feel guilty for the material things they have, but cannot bear to part with any of it. They do not ask, Why am I here and how am I supposed to use this material wealth to help my neighbor? Instead they use class envy techniques, divisive racial policies and regressive economics to protect their own wealth while feeling guilty about it. They have no hope. The homicide bomber is deliberately deprived of material and spiritual wealth and believes that he has no hope except to kill and be killed. The homicide/suicide bombers’ controllers are in fact following the same model and may be cut from the same cloth as the Elitist Leftists in the west.. They are intellectually bankrupt because they are afraid to ask the questions of Why am I here and What is my purpose? They know, intuitively, the answers are not self-aggrandizing. McCanless on Belmont has an interesting supposition in that we may have to kill the elite Leftists in order to kill terrorism. Is there any other way to control the ideas that foster and support terrorism than by killing the Leftists? History tells us very plainly that only by killing the terrorists can we kill their ideas. Unfortunately we will not nor can we kill the Leftists but we must always sow Hope by taking the offensive against their ideas and their surrogates.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Religious Conservatives as Insurgents?

Jonathon Rauch in the New Republic says “On balance it is probably healthier if religious conservatives are inside the political system than if they operate as insurgents and provocateurs on the outside." I’m outraged that Rauch portrays religious conservatives as “insurgents and provocateurs”, while Michael Moore is a “fierce activist”. While I agree with Rauch that political dissent within the system is healthier, I disagree that the Vietnam protestors had to burn the village because they were locked out of their own party. Within the system, change occurs much slower, and is always more centrist than the fringe desires. The Michaael Moores of the world and the Vietnam protestors were not willing to work within the system because it was/is too slow for them and was/is not as self-aggrandizing as seeing their names and pictures above the fold on the large daily papers. Those smart men who wrote the Constitution realized that passions, once enflamed, cannot burn forever. Thus the difficulty in changing the Constitution, which has resulted in a mostly centrist polity. Rauch is not correct, again, when he says marginalizing tame centrists is a good thing. The tame centrists are what keeps the parties together and creates a Tent if you will. The Republicans have been doing a pretty good job of hearing the fringe, incorporating their message if not the messengers, and producing a center-right policy. The Democrats, on the other hand, have embraced the fringe and decreased the size of their tent. The evangelical Christian movement in this country is much more mainstream and centrist than that portrayed by Rauch. They are passionate about their values and are willing to take the long view. More importantly they know that the checks and balances instituted by the Constitution have become unbalanced with an activist judiciary and a compliant legislative branch. Lets leave Rauch for a moment and talk about the 85%+ population that believe in God and Judeo Christian Values. Separate the centrist polity in the Democratic party from the fringe and the result is a large majority of “Democrats” who are God-fearing and Centrist in their views. This majority is whom the Democratic leadership is marginalizing with their embracing the fringe personified by Moore. Slowly the system will grind, information services and their delivery will change the content of the news we hear {BLOG by Hewitt}, and this very large group of voters will become Republicans.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

TV Irrelevance

How many folks turned off the TV news in the early to mid 80s because of the treatment they gave to then President Reagan? I remember the results of a media symposium in 1982(?) where Peter Jennings said he would put information on the Evening News if he thought it was newsworthy even if he new in advance that Americans and/or American soldiers would die from the airing of the news. How can any sane person respect that? It doesn’t have to be Americans per se that are “slated” to die. The egos of the anchormen and their organizations have outstripped their usefulness to many, many of us who are in fact newshounds and who enjoy reading, listening and watching the “news”. The First amendment protections for the “press” notwithstanding, the press has a duty to disclose their bias and then let the market sort it out. The market has been moving for the past 15 years since Rush started the conservative talk radio genre. The blogosphere is a natural extension built on the Internet that even Rush used extensively {still does} throughout the 90s. There are a significant number of local and syndicated shows now on the radio as well as entering the TV markets. Some will not make it but those that satisfy their consumers will. The changing landscape, correctly identified and written on by Mr. Hewitt, is changing the way consumers get their news and information. The irony is that even though I live in a town of 500,000 souls I cannot get DSL whereas folks who live in the northern tier in little farming communities of 500 people have DSL. Thank you Senator Conrad Burns and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The market in rural America as well as urban America is not now controlled by the MSM giving a vast majority of Americans the opportunity to judge for themselves who is accurate and who is not when it comes to information delivery and content. This latest development in the evolution of “the press” ensures the 1st Amendment applicability and signals a lesser probability that the supporters of the 2nd Amendment will need to be “activated”.